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Public House simply wouldn’t be what it is without an amazing location. After all, the space we occupy has as much history as the food we serve. Warehouse Row was built when Chattanooga was a booming railway hub, the rail lines converging beneath where many of Public House’s neighbors now stand—TVA, EPB, the Public Library. Even before Public House was ever dreamed up, this was a place defined by bringing people together. Though Chattanooga’s downtown is very different than it was when Warehouse Row was first built, it’s still somewhere that people can connect. With EPB just down the street providing the fastest internet in the Western hemisphere and the city buzzing with new innovations inspired by the Gigabite network, that’s more true than ever. The fiber optic cables running above our sidewalks and under our streets are bringing back Chattanooga’s reputation as a place that gets things done. Once…
You can tell a lot about a person from how they make pimento cheese. No two Southern cooks make it the same, and everyone’s grandmother has her own special recipe. Some add extra mayonnaise, or are particular about the brand—the Hellman’s vs Duke’s debate has raged for decades. Others add in extra ingredients like jalapenos or pickles to give pep to the simpler pimentos, or use fancier cheeses than the traditional cheddar. The ratios vary, as does the mixing process. Some like their pimento cheese chunky, some prefer it creamy smooth and consistent. There are as many ways to make pimento cheese as there are ways to be Southern. Pimento cheese isn’t as old a member of the southern cooking cannon as soul food staples like fried chicken and collards. It’s only been around for a hundred years. Food Historian and Charlestonian Robert F. Moss traced its origins back to…
Wednesday, 15 May 2013 11:33

Social Recipes: Is She Weird

It's no secret that we love The Pixies-- many of the specialty cocktails on our menu are named for their songs. One of our favorites is the 1990 classic "Is She Weird," a great little track from the Bossanova album. It also makes a great little drink, with vodka, Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur, Crispin cider, sour, lime juice, and a cherry garnish. It's little sweet, a little sour, and definitely weird. Next time you get the craving and you can't get to The Social, use this handy recipe and video tutorial to make your own at home, preferably with your Bossanova record spinning.
Like Southern cooking, the public house as a restaurant format has had a long and glorious tradition. Also like many aspects of Southern cooking, the public house comes from old England. Public Houses were establishments that served food and alcoholic beverages, but were considered more upstanding than the alehouses and ginshops that were the divebars of the era. They were suitable for casual and family dining, but you didn't have to be nobility to enjoy service. They were often centers of social life in the community. You might know the typical Public House better by its shortened name-- the pub. Public House is founded on the essential concept of those early restaurants-- a combination of food, drink, and community that has so long brought people together. Like many other traditions from the British Isles that came to the South over the centuries, Public House Chattanooga is the evolution of a…
If you love Public House for delicious, convenient, local lunches and dinners, you'll love being able to swing by for breakfast, too. We are now offering a limited breakfast selection perfect for nearby residents who want to grab an early bite, or downtown employees passing by on their way to the office. The Morning Social menu includes Sausage Biscuits and Brioche Cinnamon Rolls, along with a selection of Chattz Coffee beverages. Enjoy French Roast, Espresso, Cappucino, Lattes, Cafe Mochas, or Hot Chocolate with your breakfast choice. There are also fancy beverages, including Hot Tea, Juice, lemonade, Orangina, Mexican Coke, Abita Root Beer, Virgils Cream Soda, Crush Grape, and Pellegrino.Start your morning off right in Southern style at Public House! Photo Credit: visualpanic via Compfight cc
Wednesday, 10 April 2013 09:48

Spring 2013 Menu Items and Ingredients

With spring comes all sorts of new and interesting flavors fresh from the earth. We wrote recently about the asparagus coming in, but that's not the only new taste on our tables. Some old favorites are back from last spring, like the beloved Chicken Tortellini Salad with sweet peppers, tomato, mixed greens, balsamic vinaigrette, and of course—fresh spring asparagus. Some perennial plates like the Pickett’s Ranch Trout and Grilled Beef Filet have new pairings. The Trout now comes with potatoes Lyonnaise. The 8oz Filet comes with mashed potatoes and asparagus. Grilled Bay of Fundy Salmon is now paired with grilled asparagus, egg, and olive vinaigrette. Duck Confit, part of our recent midwinter menu, is given a fresh springtime twist with new sides of grits, grilled spring onions, and a blackberry reduction. Other items have gone away for the season, such as the Salmon Nicoise Salad, replaced with the Tortellini Salad. Many…
"We are still wobbly on our indoor legs. Under our eyes are deep circles of leftover winter despair. In the impossible spring your cheeks will be round enough for the right spargel grin. A grin worthy of the triumph of cathedral tips breaking through the ground: the asparagus is here! Even if you don’t like asparagus, you can understand the thrill of seeing those bundles of slim stalks standing upright on the tables one early Saturday morning. It’s still chilly out. Maybe you haven’t had your first cup of coffee. But the asparagus tips sparkle, in your green-starved eyes, like jewels." - "How to be an asparagus superhero" by Phoebe Nobles Few vegetables feel quite so seasonal as those bright green stalks that seem to come out of nowhere after months of winter lettuces and kale, of potatos and root vegetables. We are very excited to have asparagus back on…
We at Public House are proud to offer local ingredients from such great neighbors and farmers as Pickett's Ranch, Barton Creek Farms, Williams Island Farm, Barton Creek Farms, Lee & Gordon Greens, Signal Mtn. Farms, Walden Farms, and Bonnie Blue Farms. We know what a difference it makes to the local economy, heritage, and flavor of our recipes to source them in our own back yard. It can make just as big a difference in your own kitchen. There are plenty of great markets where you can buy produce, meat, dairy products, and more from some of the same farmers who supply Public House. If you are wondering where to get the jump on your spring grocery shopping, try these locations near your home or work:Main Street Farmer's Market -- On April 3, 2013 the Main Street Market returns to its spring hours from 4-6PM each Wednesday at 325 East Main Street. The Main Street Market's website will…
Thursday, 21 February 2013 00:00

What Is Southern Cooking?

"Southern is William Faulkner, "Intruder in the Dust." I met him in Café Nicholson. Upon our meeting, he wanted to know if I had studied cooking in Paris. Southern is a beautiful dish of fried chicken, cooked carefully in home-rendered lard and butter with pieces of country ham added, then served with a brown gravy spooned over spoon bread. Southern is Eugene Walter, deep in Alabama, a Renaissance man, a gourmet, always with a brilliant thought. Southern is Marie Rudisill, author of a cookbook that emulates the friends she grew up with, cooked with, and loved. Southern is all the unsung heroes who passed away in obscurity.  So many great souls have passed off the scene. The world has changed. We are now faced with picking up the pieces and trying to put them into shape, document them so the present-day young generation can see what southern food was like. The foundation on which…
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