Your funding allows us to provide weekly meals to valuable Chattanooga citizens

Giving back to the healthcare and public service task forces of Chattanooga

Many of you have asked how you can support the people keeping us safe during this difficult time, while still supporting our efforts at Public House and Il Primo to continue serving food and providing work for our employees. Our restaurant group realizes that procuring and preparing food and groceries in a safe, affordable way is something we are able to do on a scale that can contribute to the local effort of our various healthcare and public service task forces.

In addition to our curbside pickup and delivery services on Monday through Saturday, we select one organization each week, and prepare meals for the honorable people protecting and serving us all. We hope these meals will help protect these valuable citizens from crowded grocery stores and fatigue.

We ask that you help in this effort by donating to the fundraiser via the link below.

Your support directly aids restaurant workers in three ways:

1 – Providing hourly labor for our hardworking culinary employees 

2 – Providing an income stream for our front of house staff who deliver and serve the food or arrange grocery kits for healthcare workers 

3 – Helping to ensure the continued survival of your independent restaurants and continued employment of our staff 100% of your donation provides food and staples to the healthcare workers and volunteers in our town on the frontlines of this pandemic. 

To support this campaign, visit the fundraising links below. We will announce each Monday the group we will prepare meals for. Stay tuned on social media to see how your gift is feeding your community!

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