Feelin' Five Anniversary Special

A Message from Nathan Lindley, Owner:

5 years ago, on May 15 Public House Chattanooga opened. It was an extremely strange and difficult time for me personally. I had moved my family back from Nashville for yet another risk-laden restaurant startup. As you may remember, the economy was very fragile and everyone was in shock from the market crash. We were living in an apartment above St. John's – so in a sense, very much back where we started. Things seemed unsure and precarious; so I don't necessarily look back on the opening with fondness. However, the five years as a whole have been extremely rewarding. We have made so many friends – both guests and staff. We have the honor of feeding hundreds of you every day. Our location, which seemed so desolate when we opened, is now a bustling office and retail environment. Things look great for the next five years, so let us show our gratitude to you for making it all possible with some Feelin' Five Anniversary specials.

Week 1 Specials (Tuesday, 5/6 - Thursday, 5/8)

Big Cat - $5 El Gato bottle of wine

One of the two remaining servers from the opening staff, Matt Hill, or "Big Cat," is responsible for staff nicknames and proper disposal of any cupcakes left behind from a bridal shower. (Limit one bottle per table, must accompany food purchase)

$5 Pimento Cheese

Five years ago it seemed a little odd to take a staple Southern sandwich spread and serve it as an appetizer. Our first GM felt like it would make a popular appetizer and serve as a nice tribute to our mentor Frank Stitt. We still follow the recipe from the Highland's Bar and Grill cookbook (with one minor tweak), which is why we are never afraid to share it. I think that almost every restaurant that has opened in the last five years has included a pimento cheese appetizer and it remains our biggest seller, so clearly people like it.

Week 2 Specials (5/12 - 5/17) – all week specials for the day we openend, the 15th

Danny Roller Hamburger Steak with Mushroom Duxelle ($15)

One of our favorite suppliers from the last five years is Danny Roller. His beef is great and his personality fits with us perfectly. He has developed a new grind of his grass fed, dry aged beef for the meatballs at Primo that also makes about the best hamburger steak ever. I think this may be a staple on the menu for the next 5 years.

The "Crimson Ghost" Special

The other remaining member of the opening service staff, David Phillips got his nickname from a picture of him serving a guest where he appears to be a spirit. As our resident hipster, he also wears skinny jeans and white shoes. The guys in the kitchen think this is hilarious. Drink a Miller High Life hipster beer in honor of the Crimson Ghost this week for only $1.50

Week 3 Specials (Monday, 5/19 - Thursday, 5/22)

Pixies Drinks – all house cocktails are $5

The "Tio" Special - Lunch Fried Chicken $5

Tio, the last member of the opening staff sadly left a week ago. After 5 years of working every lunch here and then dinner somewhere else, he is only going to work one job for a few months – "vacation." He ate a piece of fried chicken almost every day. So, in honor of Tio, we'll be offering Lunch Fried Chicken for only $5!

Week 4 Specials (Monday, 5/26 - Thursday, 5/29)

The "Gabriel" Special - add salmon to any salad for $5.

(Gabriel's story coming soon...)

"Public Nuisance" and "Where is my Mind?" cocktails for $5.

Public Nuisance is the recipe created by opening bartender Jerome and this special also features our current cocktail Where is my Mind $5.