At Public House, Downtown Dining Is Rooted in Chattanooga History

Public House simply wouldn’t be what it is without an amazing location. After all, the space we occupy has as much history as the food we serve. Warehouse Row was built when Chattanooga was a booming railway hub, the rail lines converging beneath where many of Public House’s neighbors now stand—TVA, EPB, the Public Library. Even before Public House was ever dreamed up, this was a place defined by bringing people together.

Though Chattanooga’s downtown is very different than it was when Warehouse Row was first built, it’s still somewhere that people can connect. With EPB just down the street providing the fastest internet in the Western hemisphere and the city buzzing with new innovations inspired by the Gigabite network, that’s more true than ever. The fiber optic cables running above our sidewalks and under our streets are bringing back Chattanooga’s reputation as a place that gets things done. Once known as the Dynamo of Dixie, Chattanooga’s new nickname as the Gig City says a lot about how Chattanoogans are truly in touch.

When your restaurant is all about creating a welcoming place people return to over and over and forming community, there’s really no place better than in the heart of downtown in a city like Chattanooga. A short walk, bike ride, or electric shuttle trip from any direction in Chattanooga’s bustling business community, it’s easy to stop by for lunch, or for a drink after hours at The Social. And for the many downtown residents eager to be close to all Chattanooga has to offer, Public House is a true neighborhood hangout right in the middle of it all. Whatever time of day you come, whether for a meal or a drink, we’re glad to be in a place that is so deeply rooted in a city we love.