Public House Grits Recipe: Stone Ground, Never Instant

If you read the food section of the Times Free Press this week and are thinking it's OK to use instant grits, here is some sage advice from my mentor and the man Garden & Gun magazine calls the Godfather of Southern Cuisine:

"Stone-ground grits from old fashioned mills that use locally grown, organic corn has significant texture and vivid corn flavor. It bears no relation to the "quick" grits served in greasy spoons throughout the country. If your local grocer doesn't carry stone ground grits, check your local health food store." - Frank Stitt's Southern Table, p.22, Artisan, 2004

If you have already used your tastebuds to figure out what a big difference there is between stone-ground and instant grits, here is our recipe for how to make classic creamy grits. If you haven't tasted the difference for yourself, come in and try one of the grits dishes on our menu!

Public House Creamy Grits

Serves 4-6 people

  • Over medium heat bring: 2 quarts Milk and 1 cup Butter to a simmer.
  • Add: ¾ cup Stone-ground White Cornmeal. Reduce heat to low and whisk frequently.
  • Cook cornmeal for about 45 minutes adding more milk as needed and constantly stirring.
  • To finish add: ¼ cup Parmesan Reggiano and season to taste with Salt & Pepper.