Spring 2013 Asparagus Season at Public House of Chattanooga

"We are still wobbly on our indoor legs. Under our eyes are deep circles of leftover winter despair. In the impossible spring your cheeks will be round enough for the right spargel grin. A grin worthy of the triumph of cathedral tips breaking through the ground: the asparagus is here! Even if you don’t like asparagus, you can understand the thrill of seeing those bundles of slim stalks standing upright on the tables one early Saturday morning. It’s still chilly out. Maybe you haven’t had your first cup of coffee. But the asparagus tips sparkle, in your green-starved eyes, like jewels."

-"How to be an asparagus superhero" by Phoebe Nobles

Few vegetables feel quite so seasonal as those bright green stalks that seem to come out of nowhere after months of winter lettuces and kale, of potatos and root vegetables. We are very excited to have asparagus back on our menu now that it is in season. You too will aquire a "spargel" grin, referring to the spargelfrau, a sort of mythical, rosy-cheeked woman who sells asparagus in the markets at German villages, where asparagus season is taken very, very seriously. Join in the spring celebration-- Enjoy grilled asparagus with olive and egg as small or large side, as an accompanyment to the grilled Bay of Fundy salmon, or with the Chicken tortellini salad. It's also delicious as the pairing with the 8oz grilled beef fillet and mashed potatos. However you order it, you can't go wrong.

To see the asparagus items and our other new spring treats, including Fingerling potato lyonniase, Chicken tortellini salad with asparagus, sweet peppers, tomato, mixed greens and balsamic vinaigrette, Beemster Goat's Milk Gouda from the Netherlands, and new sides of Vidalia onion and blackberry reduction with the Duck Confit, and more, please visit our menu on the main site!