Spring 2013 Menu Items and Ingredients

With spring comes all sorts of new and interesting flavors fresh from the earth. We wrote recently about the asparagus coming in, but that's not the only new taste on our tables. Some old favorites are back from last spring, like the beloved Chicken Tortellini Salad with sweet peppers, tomato, mixed greens, balsamic vinaigrette, and of course—fresh spring asparagus.

Some perennial plates like the Pickett’s Ranch Trout and Grilled Beef Filet have new pairings. The Trout now comes with potatoes Lyonnaise. The 8oz Filet comes with mashed potatoes and asparagus. Grilled Bay of Fundy Salmon is now paired with grilled asparagus, egg, and olive vinaigrette. Duck Confit, part of our recent midwinter menu, is given a fresh springtime twist with new sides of grits, grilled spring onions, and a blackberry reduction. Other items have gone away for the season, such as the Salmon Nicoise Salad, replaced with the Tortellini Salad.

Many of these new sides can also be ordered as small or large plates or parts of a Veggie Platter, including the fingerling potatoes Lyonnaise, grilled asparagus with egg and olive, and creamy grits. There are also some totally new additions to the menu, like the Beemster Gouda, a goat’s milk cheese from the Netherlands, and the beef empanadas with duck fat dough on the Bar Small Plates menu at The Social.

We are excited to celebrate spring with our loyal friends and fans, and for a chance to show new customers that the fresh Southern flavors of Public House are the same as those of Chattanooga and Tennessee.

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