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Friday, 28 November 2014 00:00

Fall Flavors Are Back at Public House!

collards at public house chattanooga tnWe think of summer as the season for harvest, but here in Tennessee farmers have their ways of growing fresh vegetables all season long. The flavors and specifics change with the weather, but fall is still a time of bounty, of the last summer produce, sturdy vegetables, and the first winter greens. Few places is this more evident than at Southland Farms, where we source much of our produce. These days our baskets are full of dark green broccoli, sweet sunchokes, soft collard and kale leaves, earthy, rich beets, and golden butternut squash.

These are the tastes of autumn in The South, flavors that are as much of their moment as cherries are of late spring, corn of shimmering July picnics, and cucumbers are of cool, shady hideaways when the AC isn't cutting it. We love experiencing fall through new treats like Fried Broccoli with Garlic Aioli, New York Strip Steak with Collard Greens and Horseradish Cream, Butternut Squash with Honey, Roasted Beets with Goat Cheese, and our popular Kale, Golden Raisin, & Peanut Salad.

It's exciting and deeply satisfying to experience fall not just through the chill in the air and bright colors on the mountains, but through the taste of the last, sun-kissed tomatoes and the first winter root vegetables. There is the crunch of fallen leaves wherever you walk and the crunch of sunchokes on the end of your fork. The last green in the trees mirrored in the greens on your plate. The comforting goodness of tender squash. The homey feeling that comes when the temperatures drop and the sweaters and scarves come out makes you want to burrow deep like beet roots and potatoes.

Southern cooking has always been seasonal, tied deeply to the land. We're proud to honor that tradition here at Public House by adding the latest produce to our menu and occasional specials. As always, our mission is about more than good food and good company— it's about staying in touch with what's important, from quality ingredients to familiar recipes to this special place we all have in common. Join us soon, and in the mean time, check out our lunch and dinner menus to find a new fall favorite!

Written by Meghan O'Dea

downtown Chattanooga restaurant

The third annual Harvest Here Restaurant week starts tomorrow from July 12-19th, 2013 and we couldn't be more excited. As Chattanooga's local restaurant community has grown as rich as the local produce, and we're thrilled about the chance to celebrate both every year. It's wonderful to come together and share what we do best in our individual kitchens with many of the same ingredients grown in the 100 mile radius around Chattanooga.

Public House sources as many ingredients as possible from these regional farms year round, and we change our menu seasonally to reflect what's really growing in Tennessee at the time. However, there's something extra special about so many great chefs coming together at the same time to celebrate similar principles. It's fun to take our love of local cooking an extra mile each year, a metaphoric extra mile, that is!

This year we're bringing back the beloved Fig Crostada from years past, a dessert that simply tastes like summer in the South. We've also got a delicious snack of Wild Chantrelle Mushrooms and Bonnie Blue Feta on Garlic Flatbread. There's the Heirloom Tomato Capresse Salad with Pecan Pesto and Fresh Mozzarella with fresh-picked summer tomatoes from Signal Mountain Farm. The BLT with Benton's Farm Bacon and Gordon Greens on Neidlov's Whole Wheat brings together some of the most beloved farmers in the area on one delicious sandwich. Our Main Plate Meatloaf with Barton Creek beef comes with Grilled Zephyr Squash and Mashed Potatoes-- a home-style meal with home-grown ingredients.

Thanks to Gaining Ground we've got another year of this great event. Come on out and celebrate with us! There's nothing better than fresh summer produce-- you can really taste the sunshine. There's no better time to savor the best of Chattanooga cooking that's truly farm to table.

Written by Meghan O'Dea

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